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Websites that post H-1B Jobs

These are some of our favorite websites that can be used to find H-1B positions and employers who are willing to sponsor talented foreign workers. These sites have been organized based on our opinion of how easy it is to find H-1B jobs on them based on different types of industries.

If we missed a site that provides a listing of currently available H-1B positions, please fill out this form.



Why do we like Zippia? It's easy to search for jobs from visa-friendly employers based on region, job titles, college majors, and industry.  They post valuable articles such as this one about trends in marketing.



Why do we like Handshake? You can filter  by employers that sponsor international students or by criteria related to CPT/OPT. If you graduated from a U.S. college or university, there is a good chance that employers have specifically sought out students from your school, which gives you an edge.

Other well-known sites

Patentability Search

There are many other websites that post jobs, but it can be challenging to find sites that facilitate a smooth H-1B job search. For instance, the inclusion of "H-1B" or "H-1B Sponsorship" within a search seems to lead to results that just as often relate to jobs from companies that specifically state that they are not sponsoring foreign workers.  With that said, here is a list of other places to search for jobs:

  • Career



  • (






  • (use the term "visa sponsorship" within your search)

As always, it can be valuable to look at the websites of individual companies, as many there is always a possibility that the company you are most excited about hasn't posted a job on a site you searched.

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