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top H1B employers

2019 top employers by STATE

Understand the H-1B stats - Analysis of initial H-1B approvals by state

A discussion of the distribution of initial H-1B petitions by state; including top industries and employers by state


  • General discussion of the distribution of initial H-1B approvals across the 50 states

  • Analysis of all 50 states, based on top industries and top 10 employers for each state

General Discussion

In 2019, 11,916 employers received initial approvals for 132,967 H-1B roles across all 50 states.  But which states had the highest numbers of approvals?  What was the breakdown of op industries and employers in each state?

What drove approvals for the top 5 states?​

San Francisco

#1 California

If California was a country, it would be the world's 5th largest (source). To support this herculean economy, the Golden State had 31,216 initial approvals of H-1B workers, nearly as many as the next three top states

Individual industries and companies saw more approvals than most states. The state had 14,326 approvals in Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, 6410 approvals in manufacturing across 3 NAICS codes, and 4861 approvals in Information.

These numbers were driven by 4,408 employers, including from 28 individual employers with 100 or more initial H-1B approvals. As the home of Silicon Valley, the world's center of tech and startups.

  • Google

  • Facebook


  • Oracle

  • Qualcomm

  • Uber

  • Tesla

  • PayPal

  • LinkedIn

  • and many, many others

Initial H-1B approvals by state - highest to lowest

Initial approvals by state.png

Analysis of all 50 states for initial H-1B approvals: top industries and employers

Explore the downloadable PDF below to look up all 50 states (along with U.S. territories) based on top industries and employers for all 50 states.  Click on a state name within the index to see the top industries and employers.  

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