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Understand the H-1B stats.

Use our analyses of top employers nationally to learn about the top employers of H-1B workers

Thousands of employers hire foreign workers on H-1B visas.

We combed through the data so that you don't have to.

The USCIS's data shows that there were 132,967 initial H-1B approvals in 2019 and 122,893 in 2020. In this section, we help you to understand who hired workers on H-1Bs in 2019 and 2020.

We help to provide you with tools to find a job with companies that have a record for successfully hiring H-1B workers.

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Top U.S. employers

NEW In 2020, 27,808 employers received initial approvals for 122,893 H-1B positions.

Rankings of top companies that hired in 2020, along with links to their career pages.

2019 analysis (click here)

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Top employers by state

A list of the top 100 employers in your state.


According to the USCIS's own analyses, the most common types of job categories for which H-1B petitions are approved are (in order of prevalence, source)

  1. Computer-related occupations

  2. Occupations in architecture, engineering, and surveying

  3. Occupations in administrative specializations

  4. Occupations in education

  5. Occupations in Medicine and Health

  6. Occupations in Mathematics and Physical Sciences

  7. Managers and Officials

  8. Occupations in Life Sciences

  9. Occupations in Social Sciences

  10. Miscellaneous Professional, Technical and Managerial

  11. Occupations in Art

  12. Occupations in Law and Jurisprudence

  13. Occupations in Writing

  14. Miscellaneous

  15. Occupations in Entertainment and Recreation

  16. Occupations in Museum, Library and Archival Sciences

  17. Occupations in Religion and Theology

  18. Sales Promotion Occupations

Dig even deeper

Use the USCIS employer data hub to look up companies that successfully hired (or failed to hire) workers on H-1B visas.

Search by employer, state, zip, year, or NAICS code. NAICS (rhymes with snakes) is a code that is used to categorize different occupations.

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