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H-1B Specialty Occupation Expert Opinion Letter

An H-1B Expert Opinion Letter from ProfVal is a crucial document that can help to address USCIS specialty occupation requirements associated with an H-1B visa petition.


Here are the key elements of the letter:


  • Specialty Occupation Requirements: The letter specifically addresses whether the position in question meets the criteria for a specialty occupation (as an H-1B visa is designed for such roles). It also evaluates how the candidate’s qualifications align with the position offered.

  • In-Depth Expert Analysis: ProfVal’s Expert Opinion Letters provide an in-depth analysis conducted by a distinguished expert within the candidate’s field. Typically, this expert is a professor affiliated with an accredited U.S. college or university (public or private nonprofit).

  • USCIS acceptance across a wide range of industries: Experts associated with ProfVal have written letters on behalf of candidates employed by various entities, including Fortune 500 companies, consulting firms, small businesses, startups, colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations.

In summary, an H-1B Expert Opinion Letter from plays a critical role in supporting H-1B visa applications by providing expert insights and addressing USCIS requirements.

  1. Quality and acceptance: Our first priority is quality and accuracy. Our letters have been accepted by the USCIS for a for Universities, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses.

  2. Guided by purpose: is a free resource provided solely by  Everything we do is based on promoting equality of opportunity.  Our purpose means that you matter to us.  

  3. Exclusive network: All experts must meet rigorous inclusion criteria in order to join the ProfVal network.  Check out our expertise areas and inclusion requirements.

  4. Research-based services: is founded by a former tenured Professor and Associate Dean. Our EOLs merge best practices in academia with best practices in all of our services.

  5. Customization: When assessing an EOL, USCIS agents will assess the letter based on whether it appears to simply be a reused template or actually relates to your background.  All of our letters are customized based on the services that you purchase.

FIVE Reasons why Expert Opinion Letters  from ProfVal are the best available

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