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"My number one piece of advice to international students job searching is to vary the method of job searching and start early.  A multiple prong approach to job hunting is helpful - using their campus career center and job posting database, using online job boards, and finally using and developing their network. And to start early!"


Breanna Gallagher, Career Consultant,

Oklahoma State University


H-1B Visas and 

Job search strategies

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On H-1B​

External websites

  • H-1B Employer Data Hub is the USCIS website that enables you to search for employers based on their success in applying for visas. 

    • Pro: this is USCIS's data, see all companies that applied for an H-1B visa​

    • Con: results show individual visa results, not aggregate results for a company

Not all job search approaches are equal. We've compiled resources that can help you develop an effective search strategy.

In this section:

  • Using the resources at your university

  • How to search based on companies that have successfully hired H-1B workers in 2019 and 2020

  • Popular job search websites in the U.S., including those that enable you to search for "H-1B friendly" employers

First, remember that there are many to realize your American Dream through an H-1B visa. We are providing you with a few approaches that may help you, but other approaches may work for you too. Ultimately, you will need to find an employer who is willing to petition on your behalf (learn about the process here).

Our suggestions generally focus on three approaches: ​

  • Using the resources within your college or university

  • Focus your search by applying to companies that have been successful in hiring H-1B workers

  • Use job search websites that are H-1B friendly


#1 - Your college or university may have great resources available for you


You are likely familiar with the career center or international student office at your college if you are studying in the U.S. Universities often employ career counselors, career advisors, or career coaches who understand the most up-to-date approaches for job search, along with unique opportunities that are available to you.

Career consultants like Breanna Gallagher can help you to develop a customized approach.

#2: Identify the top companies in your industry that hire H-1B workers. Strategically focus on companies that have been successful previously.

A company that has successfully hired H-1B workers in the past is one that both recognizes the value of these workers and understands the hiring process of hiring these workers. Not surprisingly, the companies that hire the most H-1B workers are some of the world's most admired.


We've analyzed the data and have provided reports to help you!

#3: Search the top job posting websites in the U.S. and apply to the jobs that you find most interesting

There are lots of websites that employers use to post jobs online. We have identified some of the ones we like the most and explained what we and don't like about them from an H-1B search perspective.

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