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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start this site?

We believe that while there are resources for persons seeking information about the H-1B, this information tends to be fragmented across hundreds of locations which can make it challenging for persons seeking an H-1B (either as a petitioner or beneficiary) to quickly understand what the H-1B is, the general rules surrounding it, or what to do after the visa is approved.  The goal of this site is to provide free information to H-1B job seekers.

Do you offer legal advice?

No.​ Nothing on this site is intended as legal advice and should not be intended as such.

Can I write content or suggest content for this site?

If you would like to write content for this site, you can send an email to with the subject of " content" and a brief description of what you would like to share on this site.  This site no longer supports advertising.  It is meant to be an educational site.

How is this site funded?

Funding for this site was provided by ProfVal, LLC. As of October 2021, this site does not accept advertising.

What is your advertising policy?

As of 10/12/2021, we have sought to remove any paid advertisements on our site.  It is possible that we missed a link.  If we did, profits from this site will be donated to charity.  If any paid advertisements remain on a page, their original inclusion is based on the policy shown below:

Some of the links from H1BExpert are to ProfVal, LLC, as hope that our core services will be of value to many of the readers of this site.  Beyond our own services, it is our commitment to provide resources that will be of value to persons and companies applying for employment-based visas, with an emphasis on the H-1B. We seek out companies that provide services that we believe will provide benefits to persons who are seeking a work-based visa and/or are beginning a new job within the United States. To that end, some of the companies and websites that we highlight may pay us referral fees when you click on a link, use their services, or engage with them in certain measurable ways. Additionally, certain ads may be shown to you based on your interests or other content that is on the site. 

This means that many of the links you see on this site are from companies that pay us referral fees for sending them new customers -- accordingly, this means that we are part of an affiliate network. Being part of this network enables us support the work that we do on this site and to provide the latest news that may be of relevance to visitors hoping to learn more about the H-1B, moving to the U.S., and other topics posted on this site. Opinions posted on this site are the opinions of or other writers who may post their own opinions. While we seek to provide accurate information, the topics posted on this site are opinions only. 

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