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2023 top employers for initial H-1B approvals

38,315 H-1B approvals across 10,242 employers

H-1B beneficiaries are crucial to the growth and success of U.S. employers and businesses. Many of the nation's leading organizations depend heavily on H-1B workers, establishing themselves as global leaders.

  • In the tech sector, giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Cognizant, IBM, Apple, and Facebook employ thousands of H-1B workers. These companies achieve remarkable sales figures that surpass the GDP of many countries, highlighting the significant contributions of both American and foreign professionals.

  • Consulting firms such as Infosys, Tata Consultancy, Wipro, Accenture, Deloitte, and McKinsey play a vital role in transforming businesses through refined strategies, improved supply chains, and digital transformation across various U.S. sectors.

  • In healthcare, institutions like the Mayo Clinic, Children's Hospital Corporation, and Texas Health Resources are committed to saving lives and advancing healthcare with the help of H-1B professionals.

  • Pharmaceutical companies like Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca have made significant progress in developing COVID-19 vaccines, which are crucial for saving lives and returning to normalcy.

  • Prestigious universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and Brown rely on the expertise of professors and researchers from around the world, driving innovation and advancing the U.S. education system.

For those seeking H-1B opportunities, understanding the distribution of approvals among companies is essential. Analyzing which firms consistently receive more approvals can offer valuable insights into job prospects and industry trends. Let's explore the distribution of approvals and identify the companies that consistently secure a significant share of initial H-1B approvals.

Where to find H-1B jobs

The distribution of H-1B visa approvals across different states reflects both economic patterns and the clusters of industries that depend heavily on skilled foreign professionals. Here’s an analysis of why these ten states stand out with the highest number of initial approvals:


Key Takeaways:

  • Texas (944 initial H-1B approvals) - Texas' diverse economy encompasses energy, healthcare, technology, and manufacturing. Major cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin provide ample opportunities, particularly in sectors such as oil and gas, IT, and healthcare, attracting a significant number of H-1B visa holders.

  • Maryland (676 initial H-1B approvals) - Maryland's proximity to Washington, D.C., makes it a hub for industries like cybersecurity, biotechnology, defense, and government contracting. This strategic location drives high demand for skilled H-1B professionals.

  • Illinois (568 initial H-1B approvals) - Powered by Chicago's economic strength, Illinois boasts a variety of industries, including finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. Its central location and business-friendly environment appeal to H-1B workers.

  • North Carolina (317 initial H-1B approvals) - North Carolina's growing tech scene, along with strong sectors in biotechnology, research, and finance, offers H-1B professionals numerous opportunities for career growth and innovation-driven work environments.

  • California (313 initial H-1B approvals) - Known for tech hubs like Silicon Valley and San Francisco, California attracts H-1B visa holders in IT, engineering, and research. The vibrant startup ecosystem and presence of tech giants make it a top choice for skilled workers.

  • New Jersey (309 initial H-1B approvals) - Situated near major economic centers like New York City and Philadelphia, New Jersey's diverse economy spans pharmaceuticals, finance, and telecommunications, making it attractive for skilled H-1B professionals.

  • Virginia (248 initial H-1B approvals) - Virginia's robust technology sector draws H-1B professionals to opportunities in cybersecurity, defense, government contracting, and technology innovation.

  • Michigan (121 initial H-1B approvals) - Michigan's strong automotive industry, coupled with growing sectors in healthcare and technology, creates a demand for skilled H-1B workers, particularly in cities like Detroit and Ann Arbor.


In 2023, the primary recipients of H-1B initial approvals were major corporations featured on the Forbes Global 2000 list.

Prominent technology and consulting entities such as Infosys Limited, Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant Technology Solutions, and Wipro Limited, alongside industry behemoths like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Meta, dominate H-1B recruitment due to their expansive global footprint, extensive clientele, and pressing need for proficient professionals in software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. These entities often engage in outsourcing endeavors, furnishing technological solutions and consulting acumen to clients worldwide, thereby necessitating a diverse workforce capable of managing intricate projects and offering pioneering solutions. Below, explore our catalog of companies that made noteworthy hires, categorized by those with over a thousand recruits and those with over a hundred.

Given the broad spectrum of industries involved, it's evident that H-1B workers wield substantial influence over the U.S. economy.

1000+ hires
*every company that hired a thousand or more workers on an H-1B in 2021



Initial approvals in 2022: 3,296

2021 rank: 2

", Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington, which focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence."

(Read more at Forbes)


Infosys Limited

Initial approvals in 2022: 3,117

2021 rank: 1

"Infosys Ltd. is a digital services and consulting company, which engages in the provision of end-to-end business solutions.

(Read more at Forbes)


Tata Consultancy

Initial approvals in 2022: 2,722

2021 rank: 3

Company job site

"Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. is an IT services, business solutions and outsourcing organization. The firm offers consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled services which includes application development and maintenance, business intelligence, enterprise solutions, assurance services, engineering and industrial services, infrastructure services, consulting, asset leveraged Solutions and business process services." (Read more at Forbes)


Cognizant Technologies

Initial approvals in 2022: 2,447

2021 rank: 5

"Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. engages in the provision of information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services. It operates through the following business segments: Financial Services; Healthcare; Products and Resources; and Communications, Media, and Technology." (Read more at Forbes)


Google, Inc

Initial approvals in 2022: 1,562

2021 rank: 6

"Google, Inc. focuses on improving the ways people connect with information. It provides variety of services and tools for advertisers of all sizes, from simple text ads to display and mobile advertising and to publishers, whether small or large. The company primarily focuses on the areas which include search, advertising, operating systems, platforms, enterprise and hardware products." (Source)


Meta Platforms

Initial approvals in 2022: 1,378

2021 rank: 10

"Meta (formerly Facebook, Inc.) operates as a social networking company worldwide. The company engages in the development of social media applications for people to connect through mobile devices, personal computers, and other surfaces. It enables users to share opinions, ideas, photos, videos, and other activities online. The firm's products include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Oculus." (Read more at Forbes)


IBM Corporation

Initial approvals in 2022: 1,236

2021 rank: 7

"International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) provides hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI), and business services; its integrated solutions and products use data and information technology in industries and business processes. Its segments include Software, Consulting, Infrastructure and Financing." (Read more at Forbes)


HCL America

Initial approvals in 2022: 1,170

2021 rank: 9

"HCL Technologies Ltd. engages in computer programming, consultancy, and related activities. It operates through the following segments: Software Services; Information Technology (IT) Services; and Business Process Outsourcing Services.." (Read More at Forbes)



Initial approvals in 2022: 1,082

2021 rank: 12

"Accenture Plc engages in the provision of management consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. It operates through the following segments: Communications, Media, and Technology; Financial Services; Health and Public Service; Products; Resources; and Other." (Read more at Forbes)



Initial approvals in 2022: 1,066

2021 rank: 13

"Capgemini partners with companies around the world to transform and manage their business by unlocking the value of technology. The consulting company addresses the entire breadth of business needs, from strategy and design to managing operations. ." (Read more at Forbes)


Wipro Limited

Initial approvals in 2022: 1,013

2021 rank: 4

"Wipro Ltd. is a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company, which engages in the development and integration of solutions. It operates through the Information Technology Services and Information Technology Products segments." (Read more at Forbes)


Microsoft Corporation

Initial approvals in 2022: 1,008

2021 rank: 8

"Microsoft Corp. engages in the development and support of software, services, devices, and solutions. It operates through the following business segments: Productivity and Business Processes; Intelligent Cloud; and More Personal Computing." (Read more at Forbes)

Key Takeaways:

Big companies make big hires and the organizations that hired significant numbers of H-1B workers in 2022 also hired large numbers of H-1B workers in 2021 and 2020.

Technology and consulting companies were the leaders in hiring, as they were in 2021. But other types of organizations (medical, pharmaceutical, hospitals, and higher education institutions) also rely heavily on H-1B workers.

1000+ hires

  • The 12 firms with 1,000 or more new H-1B approvals in 2021 saw 21,097 new hires.

  • Highly qualified persons seeking H-1B visas may seek to apply to the top companies - each company's career page is posted at right

  • Each company that hired at least 1,000 new employees has a few things in common:

  • All are on the Fortune 2,000 list; a list of the two thousand largest companies in the world​

  • All are either in technology-related industries and/or offer consulting services

  • Each company that hired 1,000+ employees in 2022 hired thousands of employees in 2021

100+ hires

  • Organizations that hired between 100 and 999 employees were more diverse.  While they also included companies in technology and consulting, they also included industries such as:

    • Higher education

    • Medicine and pharmaceuticals

    • Hospitals

    • Finance and banking

    • Travel

  • As with organizations that hired 1,000+ workers, these organizations also hired H-1B workers in prior years

100+ hires

  • *every company that hired a hundred or more workers on an H-1B in 2020 ranked

  • Links to each company's career page

# 12 APPLE INC (Initial approvals = 930)

# 13 INTEL CORPORATION (Initial approvals = 856)

# 14 AMAZON.COM  SERVICES INC (Initial approvals = 715)

# 15 DELOITTE CONSULTING LLP (Initial approvals = 705)

# 16 ERNST YOUNG US LLP (Initial approvals = 697)

# 17 AMAZON.COM  SERVICES INC (Initial approvals = 661)

# 18 AMAZON WEB SERVICES INC (Initial approvals = 523)

# 19 TECH MAHINDRA AMERICAS INC  (Initial approvals = 492)

# 20 MCKINSEY COMPANY INC UNITED STATES (Initial approvals = 481)

# 21 ORACLE AMERICA INC (Initial approvals = 535)

# 22 QUALCOMM TECHNOLOGIES INC (Initial approvals = 455)

# 23 AMAZON.COM  SERVICES INC (Initial approvals = 420)

# 24 JPMORGAN CHASE CO (Initial approvals = 416)

# 25 WAL MART ASSOCIATES INC (Initial approvals = 392)

# 26 GOLDMAN SACHS CO LLC (Initial approvals = 346)

# 27 AMAZON DEVELOPMENT CENTER US INC (Initial approvals = 341)

# 28 MINDTREE LIMITED (Initial approvals = 341)

# 29 CISCO SYSTEMS INC (Initial approvals = 326)

# 30 DELOITTE & TOUCHE LLP (Initial approvals = 324)

# 31 EFICENS SYSTEMS LLC (Initial approvals = 285)

# 32 NVIDIA CORPORATION (Initial approvals = 284)

# 33 SALESFORCE COM INC (Initial approvals = 278)

# 34 CITIBANK NA (Initial approvals = 274)

# 35 THE LELAND STANFORD JR UNIVERSITY (Initial approvals = 273)

# 36 TESLA INC (Initial approvals = 256)

# 37 PWC ADVISORY SERVICES LLS  (Initial approvals = 247)

# 38 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN (Initial approvals = 245)

# 39 MAYO CLINIC (Initial approvals = 242)

# 40 LARSEN AND TOUBRO INFOTECH LIMITED (Initial approvals = 230)

# 41 THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP INC (Initial approvals = 229)

# 42 CITIBANK NA (Initial approvals = 215)

# 43 ZS ASSOCIATES INC (Initial approvals = 213)

# 44 UBER TECHNOLOGIES INC (Initial approvals = 194)

# 45 HEXAWARE TECHNOLOGIES INC (Initial approvals = 187)

# 46 LINKEDIN CORPORATION (Initial approvals = 177)

# 47 BLOOMBERG LP (Initial approvals = 173)

# 48 UNIV OF WI SYSTEM/MADISON (Initial approvals = 165)

# 49 APPLIED MATERIALS INC (Initial approvals = 162)

# 50 CUMMINS INC (Initial approvals = 161)

# 51 FACEBOOK  (Initial approvals = 161)


# 53 ICAHN SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AT MOUNT (Initial approvals = 155)

# 54 ATOS SYNTEL INC (Initial approvals = 154)

# 55 JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY (Initial approvals = 154)

# 56 EBAY INC (Initial approvals = 148)

# 57 VMWARE INC (Initial approvals = 146)

# 58 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA (Initial approvals = 144)

# 59 CLEVELAND CLINIC (Initial approvals = 143)


# 61 KPMG LLP (Initial approvals = 140)

# 62 NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH/HHS (Initial approvals = 140)

# 63 UST GLOBAL INC (Initial approvals = 140)

# 64 PAYPAL INC (Initial approvals = 139)

# 65 HARVARD UNIVERSITY (Initial approvals = 138)

# 66 EPAM SYSTEMS INC (Initial approvals = 137)

# 67 GOLDMAN SACHS SERVICES LLC (Initial approvals = 137)

# 68 RIVIAN AUTOMOTIVE LLC (Initial approvals = 136)

# 69 YALE UNIVERSITY (Initial approvals = 135)

# 70 MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC (Initial approvals = 134)

# 71 WIPRO LIMITED (Initial approvals = 134)

# 72 UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH  (Initial approvals = 132)

# 73 WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY IN ST LOUIS  (Initial approvals = 127)

# 74 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO  (Initial approvals = 126)

# 75 ADOBE INC (Initial approvals = 125)

# 75 THE DEVEREUX FOUNDATION (Initial approvals = 124)

# 76 INTUIT INC (Initial approvals = 123)

# 77 UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA (Initial approvals = 121)

# 78 UT BATTELLE LLC ORNL (Initial approvals = 121)

# 79 VIRTUSA CORPORATION (Initial approvals = 120)

# 80 GEN HOSP CORP D/B/A MASS GEN HOSP (Initial approvals = 119)

# 81 INTELLECTT INC (Initial approvals = 118)

# 82 SAVANNAH CHATHAM COUNTY PUBLIC SCH (Initial approvals = 118)

# 83 THE TRUSTEES OF PRINCETON UNIV (Initial approvals = 118)

# 84 UNIV OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO (Initial approvals = 118)

# 85 EXLSERVICE COM LLC (Initial approvals = 117)

# 86 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA (Initial approvals = 117)

# 87 MORGAN STANLEY SERVICES GROUP INC (Initial approvals = 116)

# 88 CITIUSTECH INC (Initial approvals = 115)

# 89 MPHASIS CORPORATION (Initial approvals = 115)

# 90 SYNECHRON INC (Initial approvals = 114)

# 91 AMAZON WEB SERVICES INC  (Initial approvals = 113)

# 92 DELOITTE TAX LLP  (Initial approvals = 113)

# 93 NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY   (Initial approvals = 110)

# 94 UT SOUTHWESTERN MEDICAL CENTER (Initial approvals = 109)

# 95 ARUP LABORATORIES (Initial approvals = 108)

# 96 KFORCE INC (Initial approvals = 108)

# 97 NYU GROSSMAN SCHOOL OF MEDICINE (Initial approvals = 107)

# 98 ST JUDE CHILDREN'S RESEARCH HOSPITAL (Initial approvals = 107)

# 99 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY (Initial approvals = 106)

# 100 COMPUNNEL SOFTWARE GROUP INC (Initial approvals = 106)

# 101 EMORY UNIVERSITY (Initial approvals = 106)

# 102 MASSACHUSETTS INST OF TECHNOLOGY (Initial approvals = 105)

# 103 DUKE UNIVERSITY UNIV MED CTR AFFIL (Initial approvals = 104)

# 104 EXPEDIA INC (Initial approvals = 103)

# 105 THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO (Initial approvals = 103)

# 106 PERSISTENT SYSTEMS INC (Initial approvals = 101)

# 107 PURDUE UNIVERSITY (Initial approvals = 101)

# 108 ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES INC (Initial approvals = 100)

Top Industries Receiving Initial H-1B Visa Approvals

The H-1B visa program plays a crucial role in enabling American employers to recruit talented foreign professionals from various sectors. While the following industries showcase the top sectors in terms of initial H-1B visa approvals, it's essential to recognize that these are just a fraction of the wide array of fields that leverage this program's benefits.

  1. Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (24,809 approvals):
    Encompassing a wide spectrum of professions such as legal, engineering, and consulting, this sector requires specialized expertise, underscoring the importance of H-1B visas in bridging skill shortages.

  2. Manufacturing (6,515 approvals): Manufacturing companies depend on H-1B visas to tap into international talent pools, enhancing innovation and competitiveness across various areas from engineering to operations management.

  3. Health Care and Social Assistance (5,677 approvals):  As the demand for healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses continues to rise, H-1B visas become indispensable for hospitals and social assistance organizations in meeting their staffing requirements.

  4. Finance and Insurance (4,149 approvals): Finance and insurance firms leverage H-1B visas to attract skilled professionals in finance, accounting, and risk management, bolstering efficient financial oversight and risk reduction strategies.

  5. Information (3,806 approvals): Technology firms utilize H-1B visas to employ proficient individuals in software development, data analysis, and cybersecurity, propelling advancements within the information sector.

  6. Educational Services (3,496 approvals): Universities and educational institutions capitalize on H-1B visas to draw in faculty and researchers, elevating academic standards and nurturing international collaboration.

  7. Wholesale Trade (2,539 approvals): Wholesale trade enterprises utilize H-1B visas to recruit specialized talent in areas such as supply chain management, logistics, and international trade, facilitating efficient operations and expanding global market reach.

These industries represent the top recipients of initial H-1B visa approvals, reflecting the diverse spectrum of fields reliant on skilled foreign talent to support their growth and innovation. However, it's essential to recognize that numerous other sectors, including wholesale trade, construction, retail trade, and more, also benefit from the program, albeit with varying approval numbers. The H-1B visa program serves as a cornerstone for U.S. businesses, facilitating the recruitment of global talent and driving economic progress across multiple industries.

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