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Share your expertise and/or information about your program

Sharing Transparency

Basic information about sharing:

Why should I share my advice or information about my education program?


First, your advice can help others.


Second, helping others can help you too. We will fully attribute your content to your preferred URL. When we share your content, it provides a positive signal to others about you or your program. When readers also appreciate your advice, they may click on your hyperlink to learn more about you or your employer. This can serve to promote your programs and improve your search engine ranking.


Posts are fully attributed to you. We will include your name, affiliation, and URL to your college or university webpage.

No cost for posting* 

Posting is free for any accredited public or nonprofit institution of higher education.

Companies wishing to develop a partnership should write to

How will posts be prioritized?


1. Relevance to a particular page or problem. We will prioritize advice based on how well it solves a problem addressed on a page.

2. Whether has been shared on your website.

Do you guarantee that my post will be shared?

We will share information about any accredited public or nonprofit institution of higher education in our program listing.  This resource is only for educational programs. We will not share posts from for-profit educational institutions. 

We may choose not to share information if we already have multiple pieces of advice for a content area and/or if it is not relevant to a page.

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